Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm not stupid

All Honjii's friends like to make fun of me like they think I'm stupid.  Maybe it is because so far I only wrote about Honjii.  But that is what this blog is for what do you think I would write about?  So here goes me writing about something else.

Last week one of Honjii's friends, Archiearchive wrote about homophonics.  I just scanned over the post because the liberals just keep saying the same things over and over so there was no point in really reading all that garbage over again. It got a bunch of comments that made no sense, and they think I'm dumb.  I just want to go on the record as saying just because I don't believe in gay marriage because that is what God also doesn't believe in does not mean that I am homophonib.  I have had conversations with homos where I have treated them very respectful. But it would be such an offensive thing to God if these unnatural people would marry each other.  I pray they get help and can be normal like the rest of the good Christian people.


  1. Of course you're not stupid Melissa. It just seems that way because you are were educationally deprived. Someone convinced you never to think for yourself and you have followed that teaching perfectly. You would make a great soldier. In fact you do make a great soldier for your Lord. With never a thought of your own you are able to present the views you have been taught without hesitation or variation. And I support you in saying what you do for it shows the true value of a Religious Education.

    I still worry about that shadow, though.

  2. Oh yes, the raven quoth, "Never more".

  3. Melissa, are you kidding? You thought Archie's post was about homosexuals?????
    Perhaps if you had bothered to actually read Archie's post you would have discovered it is about homophones, words that sound alike but have different spellings and meanings. Armed with that knowledge the comments may have made more sense to you. There is a difference between a homophone and a homosexual. This is how you intend to show the world you're not stupid? Nice try but NOT!!!!