Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Too bad Honjii came back and she is worse than ever

She blogged about global warming and how we are screwing our planet earth up.  She is so stupid she believes in global warming which has been proven to be false but she doesn't believe in God which has proven to be true.  It doesn't even make sense that she calls good people who believe in God stupid but she is the person who believes in the stupid stuff.  She even thinks the planet is killing people because theres too many of us, can you even believe that?  If God didn't want this many people He would not have bestowed the miracle of birth on anyone who ever had a baby.  This is what she said.

In recent times we have seen more extreme weather conditions, in number and power, than we think of as the norm: earthquakes, severe storms, flooding, blizzards, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions,etc.  In my humble opinion, this is nature’s way of self-correcting in attempt to decrease the earth’s population and restore balance.

She doesn't get it.  These things are caused by God because of homosexuals and people like her who don't believe in God Almighty.


  1. OK, your a troll right? I mean no one could really be this obtuse and ignorant to the universe... Oh wait your probably on the Jerry Falwell 'honor roll' to burn books and jews for jesus in the coming rapture...

    Your mom used to put you in the closet like Carrie to pray for like 18 hours at a stretch on the weekends didn't she... Just so you know it, that was wrong what she did to you...

    Man I feel sorry for any kids of yours that didn't run down your leg during the clean up phase after doing the dirty thing...

  2. For a while there, Melissa, I despaired for your future but I have become hopeful. By continuing to read Honjii's blog you are being exposed to intelligent thought, something I feel is rare in your home. One day you will see the truth and become Honjii's home girl!

  3. Archiearchive that would never happen!!!!!!!